Who We Are

Westmoore Wealth is an association of boutique wealth management and fiduciary services providers present in key jurisdictions. While we have grown considerably over the years and are large enough to cater for most clients we remain small enough to continue with a very personal approach.
We bring a depth of experience to our work and dealings with clients and their advisors and understand that the way you structure your wealth today can affect your family for generations, which is why we put retaining longstanding relationships with each of our customers, their families, trusted advisers and trustees at the core of our business. We can help you manage complex family wealth as well as family businesses, providing the continuity to help you and your family build, enjoy and protect your wealth across generations.

We maintain the highest professional standards, code of conduct and integrity. Our due diligence procedures more than meet the requirements of the highly regulated jurisdictions in which we work. Our staff are trained comprehensively in anti-money laundering and "know your client" procedures. As one would expect, confidentiality is paramount in all our dealings and our staff are bound by law to maintain professional confidence.

Expertise with a personal touch

We work with clients to strategically preserve their wealth across generations and jurisdictions. Our personal approach ensures continuity and achieves solutions that are custom-designed to specific objectives. Our commitment to clients ensures that our team members deliver these solutions efficiently and cost effectively.